Sunday, November 21, 2010

Project: Hello Kitty Cake Pops

This week I was faced with a new challenge: Hello Kitty Cake Pops (made famous by Bakerella) for a lovely little girl on her birthday.

I've been meaning to attempt Cake Pops for a while now, but always fell short due to fear.  After my first attempt (there were two), I knew my fear wasn't unfounded.  Now that I have come out in one piece, I have some tips to share with you.  Tips that I wish someone, somewhere, on some site, would have shared with me.  Please.  Please.  Learn from my mistakes.

1.)  Read! When it says to use 3/4 of the frosting.  Use 3/4 of the frosting.  If not, the cake will be too moist and no amount of cooling will harden it enough to be dipable.

2.)  Cool! Cool your cake mixture before forming your cake balls.  Cool your cake balls after you've formed them.  Cool your cake balls after you've inserted the sticks.  Cool your cake balls = stick 'em in the fridge for 45 minutes - 1 hour.

3.)  Shortening!  Use it.  If your chocolate/candy coating is too heavy, the cake will fall off the stick and into your coating.  So, not cool.  You will have to double dip, but in my opinion your final product will look a lot better.

4.)  Tap! Lightly tap the excess coating off.  Swirling is best saved for making candied apples.

Having said that, here are some pictures:

Almost everything you'll need.  I forgot the eggs, oil, and water for the cake mix
and the ever so important shortening.

I added some regular Cake Pops into the mix.
The color of the sprinkles reminded me of old school Hello Kitty.
Group shot
Ack! Hello Kitties on the attack!  Send in the reinforcement.

My reinforcement.  =)

Don't look!  The carnage has begun.

So what if I gave my daugthers the ooogliest one (aka Test Kitty) of the bunch.  =/

She has to get every... last... bit.

Ha!  Got it.

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  1. That looks delish!!! Yet another culinary masterpiece! Well done!